Painting, Poetry, and Questions for You!

This is Humpty Dumpty and His wife, painted on egg shells!

If you have a friend

If you have a friend worth loving,
Love him! Yes, and let him know
That you love him, ere life’s evening
Tinge his brow with sunset glow.
Why should good words ne’er be said
Of a friend till he is dead?

If you hear a song that thrills you,
Sung by any child of song,
Praise it! Do not let the singer
Wait deserved praise long.
Why should one who thrills your heart
Lack the joy you may impart?

If you hear a prayer that moves you
By its humble, pleading tone,
Join it! Do not let the seeker
Bow before its God alone.
Why should not your brother share
The strength of “two or three” in prayer?

If you see the hot tears falling
From a brothers weeping eyes,
Share them! And by kindly sharing
Own our kinship in the skies.
Why should anyone be glad
When a brother’s heart is sad?

If a silvery laugh goes rippling
Through the sunshine on his face,
Share it! ‘Tis the wise man’s saying
For both grief and joy a place.
There’s health and goodness in the mirth
In which an honest laugh has birth.

If your work is made more easy
By a friendly, helping hand,
Say so! Speak out brave and truly
Ere the darkness veil the land.
Should a brother workman dear
Falter for a word of cheer?

Scatter thus your seeds of kindness
All enriching as you go
Leave them! Trust the Harvest-Giver;
He will make each seed to grow.
So, until the happy end,
Your life shall never lack a friend.


I hope that poem inspires you today!

Lastly, I wanted to say "Thank you!" to all my new followers! I am glad you have decided to follow my little ol' blog and I hope you will be blessed and encouraged by all that you read. Also I would love it if you checked out the following old posts of mine and answered the questions that I have there. It is a great way for you to get to know me a little better and for me to get to know you a little better. Have fun! Here they are:10 QuestionsVery Serious Questions, and Seven Miscellaneous Facts about Myself

Have a happy day full of sunshine, smiles, and laughter!


  1. I did all three of the questionare posts =)


    1. Hi Bethany,
      I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate that you took the time to answer the questions. I enjoyed reading your answers.

      Blessing to you,

  2. You're welcome! They were so much fun to do...thanks for letting me :) It's a great way to get to know your blogging friends better!



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