Men Need to Cook, Too!

My first post, about modesty, was specifically for females. Well, this post is specifically for males.

Cooking is not just for girls. Every man should know how to cook. He doesn’t have to be an expert. He just needs to know the basics of cooking and if he wants to go beyond that then that is great. Now you may be asking, “So why should every man know how to cook? I have a wife or mother or sister to cook for me. I don’t need to cook.” Well, I have lots of good reasons.
For one it can be a huge blessing to your mother. All four of my brothers learned to cook and I can’t begin to tell you how helpful they have been. For instance there have been times when my mom was sick and couldn’t cook, but since my brothers knew how to cook they were able to make the meal. Also if you have read the story about my brother, Micah, then you would understand that there were many days that my Mom wasn’t home to cook the meal. So my brothers, knowing how to cook, were able to fix dinners for us, and my Mom didn’t have to worry about us children or her husband going hungry.
Secondly, someday you will most likely go off to college, and knowing how to cook and make your own meals can save you a lot of money. You will also not have to depend on fatty fast-foods and such.
Thirdly, when you are married it can always come in handy to give your wife a break and make the dinner or some other meal for her. I am sure she would be absolutely delighted. (That is if you make it right and don’t burn it. Hehe! ) Not only that, but some day it may even be necessary. Take for example if your wife has just had a baby then you can’t expect her to get out of bed and make you a meal. If you knew how to cook then it would save the day for you and her. Or maybe she had to go somewhere and she doesn’t get home in time to make the meal. If you know how to cook then you can have a fresh home cooked meal ready for her and you when she gets home. Or maybe she is just worn out and needs a rest after taking care of the children all day. So you see there are many good reasons for a husband to know how to cook.
Now I know you may not like to think about this one, but it doesn’t erase the fact that it could happen. What about if your wife dies before you? Then who will cook for you? If you know how to cook then you won’t have to worry about going to restaurants for every meal and wasting your money on all the fatty foods. You won’t have to worry about going from fresh yummy home cooked meals to bland old store-bought foods. You won’t have to worry about what to do when your children or grandchildren come home to visit. Not only that, but if you know how to cook then your home won’t become just a house, because there will still be those home cooked meals.
Have I convinced you yet? I hope so, but just in case you’re still not sure I’ll share with you some of the delights and blessings of having brothers or a father that knows how to cook.
All my brothers were born first, and then came me and my sisters. So when all of my brothers were still home they did more cooking then we girls did. One thing they used to do for us on Saturdays was make pancakes for us. I tell you what; my brothers knew how to make some fabulous pancakes. Not only that, but if we didn’t have any syrup then they would just make the syrup. (My sisters and I have still not learned how to make syrup without it crystallizing.) In fact they made home-made syrup so much that one time when my mom got some syrup from the store we older ones hated it and would give tons to the younger ones to get rid of it quicker. :) Sometimes my brothers would even do a surprise for my Mom and Dad. My brothers would make the pancakes before our parents got up and then we would bring them there breakfast when they were still in bed.
Another thing my brothers had a special skill in making was pizza. Almost every Saturday for dinner they would make pizza for us. And let me just tell you; they knew how to make some first-rate pizza, if I ever had it. In fact my oldest brother Jesse, who was usually the main cook, now works at a pizza place.
Sometimes my brothers would just be making their own breakfast or lunch meal, but it would look so good to us girls that we would beg for them to make some for us, too. Or sometimes it would be too much. Yet if we were the blessed one standing near by then we would get the pleasure of eating the rest of it for them.
My Dad knows how to cook as well. Now he doesn’t cook quite as much as my brothers did, but I have heard stories of when he and my mom first got married. I have been told that he made some pretty amazing meals for my Mom and himself. He also prepares his own lunch meal for the work days (Usually leftovers from the night before. :) ). When I was younger he used to take cheese sandwiches to work a lot and my sisters and I used to crowd around and watch him make it. Especially if he was using cheddar cheese, cause then he would give us a little bit of cheese to “try”. :)
So you see it has been a true joy and blessing for both, my mom, and my sisters and I to have brothers who cook.

Note to Mothers: Mothers, please, teach your sons to cook. I’m sure you won’t regret it. :)


  1. Yes, I agree men need to cook and mom's need to teach their sons as well as their daughters to not only cook but clean and do other household chores! What a blessing it is to have children who open their own homes and show hospitality and serve others especially when we are the recipients!;)I am also blessed to have a husband who prepares his own lunch everyday as well as his own breakfast. He never complains about what I cook and is so appreciative.

    1. Thank you, Mom, for doing exactly that, teaching us children how to cook and do household chores, so we can better serve God and others.


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