All for a Cup O' Tea.....

Once upon a time in  a far away land, dreary and cold, there  lived a girl named Hannah. Now Hannah was not the average girl that one would meet on the street, but rather unique and a bit too odd, but then sometimes the oddest are the ones that the best of stories can be written of and so I shall tell of one of her many oddities.

This oddity has to do with her passion for tea. When it comes to drinking tea, she is quite particular. Tea should, if possible, always be poured from a tea pot and into a darling little tea cup. Tea cups and tea pots, after all, were created for this purpose, so why not put it to good use. Not only this, but being the southern girl that she is, she must have sugar or honey to sweeten her tea. Nothing within her being can make her truly enjoy unsweetened tea, so sweet tea it must be or as I over heard a southerner once say if tea is unsweetened it is like drinking a cup of grass or dirt flavored hot water. But to go on with the oddity of Hannah's tea, she prefers to drink her tea only within the comfort of a home and most of all, the atmosphere ought to be clean and cozy and this is where the story begins.

One night after arriving home from a long day of studying and last minute babysitting (only because her forgetful brain totally forgot that she had said she would babysit that night), she decides there would be nothing better than a nice cup o' tea and dark chocolate, but there was a problem. As much as her heart longed for a cup of Chamomile tea, the kitchen stood a mess and there was no way of getting full satisfaction from that cup o' tea with the kitchen standing the way it did. So what do you suppose she did? Being in the desperate state that she was in, she immediately set to washing dishes and setting to rights a disastrous mess. But cleaning up a kitchen all alone is not always the most easiest nor quickest of tasks. It takes time and it takes energy. Ask Hannah and she will tell you that this is so. But continuing on with the tale, after some time had passed, the kitchen slowly started to appear more presentable, but one last thing. Not only do the dishes have to be cleaned up in Hannah's world, but the sink also must be cleaned, and cleaned as in white as snow. I am not telling the tale of an OCD girl, but the tale of an odd girl. Hannah (she blames her mom for this need for a clean sink) insists that the sink be cleaned thoroughly before she can say that the kitchen is really clean enough to enjoy a cup of tea. But at last things are truly put to rights enough for a cup o' tea to be the reward, but alas' for poor Hannah, she is also quite weary by this point not to mention it is getting quite late. Should she have a cup o' tea or just go to bed? Tea at last won the good fight and Hannah at last was able to relax, sipping on a warm cup o' tea while surrounded by a much pleasanter atmosphere than before.

And thus, ends this tale of the oddities of Hannah and her cup o' tea.


  1. Love it! I had a tea this morning for a matter of fact...execpt it wasn't in a tea cup or poured from a tea pot. It was in a coffee cup (the non-spilible kinds ;) and was drinken huridly on the way to CC... :)

  2. Ha ha! Why do I get blamed for everything? I actually just cleaned the cherry piece, that the DVD player is on, the piano and behind the piano, just because I wanted to do my exercise video and I saw all these bugs and dust behind the piano when I went to plug it in! One thing just leads to another.

    1. Because you are the one that would always want the sink cleaned after all the dishes were washed at the end of the night. Its actually a good thing though. It makes things get done. ;)

    2. It sure makes waking up more cheerful too! Who wants to start off the day with a messy kitchen and dirty dishes? I don't!


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