The Gentleman

The other day, I was working at my deli job and needed to take a couple bags of trash and some boxes out to the dumpster. Now these bags did not hold light garbage. I don't know what my deli is throwing away throughout the day, but one of those bags in particular was heavy, like really heavy (and I promise I am not a wimp) (you're also probably wondering why in the world Hannah is talking about trash and garbage. Haha! Keep wondering! ).

So as I am carting this garbage to the dumpster, I am thinking "I sure hope I can actually lift this bag higher than my head and into the dumpster" (I am like short, so things always are more complicated than they should be) and secretly hoping that a fine young prince riding on a white horse will come along just in time to save the poor damsel from breaking her arms and back.

Well, he wasn't riding a horse, but.....

So I get to the dumpster and along comes this dude who was going to the dumpster as well, and he asks me if I needed any help. Well, the proud girl that I am says, "Well, no, I think I might got it!" (yeah, I basically said exactly that) but he goes and lifts the big huge bag off the cart and throws it in for me anyway. And I was just like well, that is one man who knows that when a woman says no she actually means yes. ;)

So it wasn't exactly a prince, but it was a gentleman and I was very pleased to see that they (gentlemen) still exist and had not gone extinct yet. ;) 

~Hannah Banana~


  1. Awww, that's so awesome! Good to know that there's still those people out there. ;)

  2. That was so kind! It is such a blessing when men, young and old act like gentlemen!

    1. I know! I was very appreciative of him. ;)


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