Falling Into Eternity

With sleek fingers, chilling October reached out in the still cold night –
Night with its darkness over shadowing the busily bustling city –
City full of flurry, busses and taxies driving, frantically grasping for time –
Time not waiting for anyone or anything, always steadily moving on –
Onward the seasons have marched, through spring and summer –
Summer slams schedules straight into the season of fall – 
Fall arriving stealthily in the cold blue night of a flustering October.
Fall reaches out and touches me – frail yet tenacious
Meticulous and unique, always free,
Merrily laughing or dancing in the breeze –
Fall gently touches me with a feverish chill.
There I had been implanted amidst a family of many,
Filling the largest of a steel oak family tree.
There I had hidden all summer long, not a care of the bustling world.
Yet I saw the hurry scurry, the timeless worry of too much to do.
I heard screeching and screaming, honking and talking of humans below,
Frightful word wars with friends or foe were fought only a few feet away.
I had seen too much some would say, but I watched and listened
Without a word.
Silently perched on the finger off the hand of the arm of the steel oak tree,
Laughing at the stupidity of all humanity, knowing that time is not eternity.
And that is where fall found me, rushing in with alacrity and speed, straight way
To my throne he came. Fall, clothed me and robed me in flamboyant hues
Of royal purple and bloody red, then crowned me in gold.
He did the same for all in my steel oak family tree.
But only to pluck and to strip and to pull them to the hard trodden earth beneath,
Leaving tenacious me clinging alone to the naked steel oak tree.
But at last even I in all my glory, must come to fall and die.
But if fate should call me to drink the pearly glass of death, as all must do,
Than even that must be done with beauty, grace, and glory.
As fall reaches into blistering winter, not even tenacious me can cling on forever.
But with one last chilling breeze, I let it go and for the very last time in time,
I freely laugh and gleefully dance down down, across and around,
I gaily dance down to the trodden ground, where I am trodden in to grounds.
But I know, where time ends is where eternity begins.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I can always count on you to like my poetry! ;)

  2. Hannah, I am always amazed at your ability to write such beautiful poetry! And by the way I love your new blog design... ;)

    1. Thanks, Maggie! To God be the glory because I definitely did not obtain this gift on my own or work hard to achieve this ability. God has just given me a joy in writing poetry and it is often what flows from my heart.
      Also thanks for being such a faithful commenter. You and my mom are the best! Hehe! :)
      Also glad you like the new look. I am having a hard time deciding what I really like so I keep changing it. ;)

  3. Just for our two cents worth, Lydia and I like the new look too! :)

    1. Haha! Well, yours and Lydia's opinion is worth a lot more than just two cents. ;)


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