A Taste of the Life of Hannah

Sometimes life is crazy and hard and full of adult stuff. But sometimes its nice to just enjoy life ( not that you can't enjoy life while doing adult stuff, but maybe instead being an adult while using the eyes and heart of a child). Tonight was one of those nights.

Today, after getting off from work and turning my paper in on time and taking a shower because work is gross and running to the store to get groceries, after all of that, I decided it was high time I made Sugar Cookies. When it comes to Christmas activities and Christmas music and Christmas baking, things just don't stay in their place for me. For example, I sing Christmas music all year long, I will make Sugar Cookies with Christmas themed Cookie cutters anytime I wish to, if I want eggnog in the middle of summer I will just make it (that hasn't actually ever happened, but it will one day....). December is far too busy a month to squeeze all the best activities and songs and best everything into, so therefore, I take the pleasure of enjoying Christmas themed activities and baking during any time of the year that suits my fancy. So back to today, I first made sugar cookies and because I wasn't thinking clearly I drank coffee when it was already passed 7pm, so an unwise choice, but there were benefits to that decision. After eating way too many cookies and getting high on caffeine, I decided I needed to balance things out a bit, so I made....

Soup! This year I have decided to practice making soup. Growing up, although I made many dinners for my family, I did not make much soup. Soup was always what my mom would make and it was always pretty amazing. But here I am in my third year of college and I thought to myself, "Hannah, it is time for you to learn to make soup!" So here I am this night, a bit too hyper and crazy with lots of sugar and caffeine in my system. I looked up the recipe that had inspired me, but not having many of the ingredients on hand, I decided to just go with what I had and make up my own queer soup. So at 11:30 at night Hannah is still up and enjoying a delicious bowl of soup because what better way to end your day than to eat a warm bowl of nutrient-rich soup.

Ok, time for bed!
Goodnight, my friends!


  1. You put a smile on my face Hannah! I miss you sooo much!

    1. Awe! Maggie, glad this post made you smile! I miss you too! December won't come fast enough! ;)

  2. Oh Hannah! It is high time you learned to make healthy soup!!!

    1. Haha! I have made soup before, but now I am just trying to prefect the art! ;)


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