Fighting for Joy in Chaos

Five Minute Friday
I really don't remember what was so funny, but apparently something was quite funny.

A paper stands glooming in the forefront of my mind. I need to write an abstract for another paper assignment. I need to write a response to a church meeting from last Sunday. I have loads of reading to do. Not to mention Greek lessons and diagraming and Greek vocabulary. All of these things are due for Monday morning and I wonder how it is ever going to get done. I have plans for the weekend and I am struggling to come up with thoughts fro my paper, not to mention the hours of research that I have to do for it and I have only just begun, yet In all the hectic chaos of college life, I contemplate the word "Joy".

Can there be joy in researching and writing papers? can there be joy in working on grueling Greek? Can there be joy in this crazy chaotic time of my life?

Yes! Yes, there can be joy. There can be joy in all of the craziness, in all the pain, in all the frustrations, in all the grueling daily work of school. There can be joy in the daily fights for righteousness? There can be joy, but I must fight for it. I must fight for my joy in Christ because joy elsewhere will not satisfy.

While the rain showers the earth and cleanses the air, I pray for joy. Joy isn't going to just hop into my heart in all of this chaos of life. No, more like panic and fear and trepidation. But, No, instead of freaking out, I must fight for joy; I must plead before the throne of grace for joy in him, I must plead for joy when I don't feel like rejoicing, I must plead for joy on the good days and bad. I must plead for joy from the father above who gives joy that is only found in him alone. The giver of all good things, gives us joy when we fight for it in him alone. Joy doesn't just lite upon my heart amongst the chaos, but I will fight for it anyway. I will fight for joy today, knowing that God will give me grace for today as I need it. And tomorrow I will fight for joy too, because it is a daily battle.

Today I choose joy!


  1. I love this picture of you! It really shows your character which is joy even in the midst of trials! Love you!

    1. I agree with you Mom!
      Love you! Lydia

    2. Haha! Well, thanks mom and Lydia! ;)

  2. I love your thoughts on Joy today. Especially this: "Joy isn't going to just hop into my heart in all of this chaos of life" YES! I actually wrote about a very similar concept with joy if you want to check it out. It's great to see people who are like minded fighting the fight together!

    1. Hi Becky,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading. I think I went to your blog, too, and noticed that we had written on similar things. Yes, it is encouraging to know we are in this battle together.


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