Ruhamah and The Spikenard, North Carolina Slang, the Impossible Made Possible, and Art

The four random facts post.

Randomness #1: My sister just recently started her own blog. So if you enjoy poetry and excellent writing skills, I would recommend you hop on over and visit her blog here at Ruhamah and the Spikenard. ;)

Randomness #2: Now this randomness will hopefully give you a little laugh. For a little background, I am a full-blooded North Carolina Southern girl living in Minnesota and do not remain silent about being from NC. So speaking to one of my coworkers, I randomly stated, "Its 1:11". My coworker, a bit confused (since I did say it literally out of nowhere), says, "What does that mean? Is that some kind of North Carolina slang or something?". Haha! No its simply the time. ;)

Randomness #3: I love that God can use me in ministries that most people would consider ridiculous for me to even attempt. Several years ago I went on a medical missions trip to the Dominican Republic. Now for your information, I get nauseated really easily over blood and guts and gross things, therefore, medical missions would not be the most reasonable thing for someone in my condition to be a part of. All it takes is a tiny little cut with blood and I will literally be sick to my stomach and turn white as snow (ok, maybe not completely literally, but you get the point), so the fact that I went on a medical missions trip is pretty spectacular. Furthermore, I actually really enjoyed it and I think there was only one time when I started to feel a little sick to my stomach because of something gross. Honestly I believe God just gave me an exuberant amount of stomach strength that week. ;) And now I am going on a second missions trip to San Diego, but this time I will be helping a church with a boy's basketball camp and, NO, I don't play basketball, yet I know that I can still be used for God's glory at this camp even if basketball is not actually my gift in life. I don't know exactly how I will be used on this trip, but I am excited to be apart of this team and thankful that I serve a God who makes the impossible possible ( I would love your prayers for this trip.)

Randomness #4: art with words. ;)
note* I think that is the longest blog post title I have ever done. My apologies in advance since I don't intend to change it. ;)


  1. I love how God uses us in ways we would never expect in places we never thought we would go. Like teaching at a women's conference in Haiti! Who would have thought?!!! I am excited to see God use you because He is mighty in you! You are being a light in MN and you will be in CA too and where ever you go. His beauty shines through you.

    1. Thanks, Mom! That is very encouraging!

  2. I laughed at the 1:11 thing. Do they not tell time in Minnesota? :)

    I'll be praying for your trip to CA! I'm sure God will use you there too!

    1. They do tell time here, but maybe they don't have people like me who randomly blurt out statements. Haha! ;)

      Thanks so much for the prayers. I greatly appreciate it!

  3. I laughed at the 1:11 thing as well! I hope you trip to CA goes well! I will be praying!

    1. Thanks for praying, Maggie!

      (Do people ever call you, Mag Pie, because I am very tempted to do so? Hehe! But you might not like that name.)


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