The Mischievous Sister

You know your little sister is up to mischief if she offers to give you a kiss. All I had to do was look into her sweet (not so innocent) face and see her lips covered in chocolate and I knew then and there that I did not want a kiss from her at that moment. It is not often that she offers to give me a kiss. :) 

You know your little sister is up to mischief when she sits next to you and looks up at you with the sweetest smile on her face (or is that a smile of mischief that I detect). It wasn't long before I realized she had taken something of mine and was hiding it from me. Thus, began an intense game of chasing my sister around the house and playing scavenger hunt with much laughter throughout. I eventually took her watch to get her back, but in the end we gave back each others possessions.

She loves to cause much mischief, but I am afraid she has a sister who has the same passion at times.;)


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