A Neglected Blog, Blackberry Brambles, and Summer Reading

I feel like this blog has been rather neglected. Now that does not mean that I completely forgot about this little blog. It simply means that I haven't written on it in a long time. I have thought about writing, yet every time I think about it I either don't have the time at that exact moment to do it or else I run into the scenario that I ran into today. That is, I sit down to write and I stare and I stare and nothing ever gets written. I feel that I must write something completely genius for anybody to ever want to even consider glancing at this silly little blog. I couldn't imagine who in the world would even want to read this blog, especially if that which is written is not some marvelous post full of beauty and ingenuity.
Sometimes when I write I feel that it must be so profound that it must bring my readers to tears or else to hysterical laughter. I sometimes feel that it should be such profound thoughts that everyone would want to quote me for decades to come. But I imagine that all these thoughts are really rather high and lofty thoughts full of that ugly looking pride that imagines myself to be someone greater than I am.
So maybe no one does read this blog except myself, but it has been too long since I have written, so I have decided to just sit and write whatever comes to my mind to put to the screen before me.
And with that introduction, I will tell you what it is like to pick blackberries in the desert.

Now not far from the five acre wood is the deserted land of blackberry brambles. To be sure there are many of these juicy delicious berries all throughout this land, but the heat is scorching and one must go through quite a battle in order to ever obtain these delicious berries, for they insist on hiding away in the midst of the most scratchiest of thorns. So me and my sisters, very desirous to obtain such marvelous berries for the nourishment of our bodies were willing to go through the fight in order to secure a winters supply for our fanciful taste. So off we marched into the land flowing with thorns and thistles. Upon arriving, we find that there are blackberries every where, and some of them very attainable, yet the easy to reach ones did not always suit my liking. Being a rather ambitious blackberry picker, I have my goals set high, and the easy to reach berries just don't seem to be quite big enough or juicy enough for my taste. The prize berries seemed to have been placed right in the middle of a thorny patch of brambles. Now for some one who is tall with long arms and legs, this may not be a problem. But for a 5' 3" girl with short arms and short legs and a very stubborn head, there poses a problem. So this could mean standing on a log, balancing on one leg, and reaching as far over as possible with out falling head first into the midst of the bramble patch. It becomes quite an ordeal, but I generally always arise triumphantly with that one prized berry clutched in my hands to place into my bucket. Of course, with every berry picked, there seems to be about ten more scratches added to my arms and legs and I cannot tell you how many times I had to cry out that I was stuck to a bramble and really did need help. Needless to say, no one ever came to help and somehow I always managed to unstick myself from those thorny brambles that insisted upon reaching out there claws to scratch me and hold tight to me. Well, I do believe it all paid off in the end, because we returned home with lots of lush berries to make some delicious berry cobbler. With blackberry cobbler on your mind, this story now comes to an end.

Now because my post is not long enough and I must make up for the long silence, I will tell you about a few books that I am reading or plan to read over the summer. The first book I am reading is, "The Deep Things of God" by Fred Sanders. I have not gotten too far in this book yet, but it has been very intriguing and is a book I look forward to continuing. This book puts a twist to evangelism, by speaking of the important of the work of the trinity in salvation and the need for this to be spoken of more in ones evangelizing. Another book that I am going through in a book study I am doing with some friends is called, "The Dangerous Duty of Delight" by John Piper and, of course, it is an excellent book, because what book of John Piper's is not excellent. This book speaks of the importance of delighting in God and pursuing ones joy through him. Lastly, a book that I haven't actually started yet, but am considering reading, is, "Housewife Theologian" by Aimee Byrd. Now I am no housewife at the moment, but the title sounded intriguing and considering I got the book for free I figured I mine as well read it. Do you have any fabulous books that you are or intend to read this summer?

I hope I haven't completely bored you to death with this blog post and I hope you will bravely read my blog again in hopes of find a better post. But don't get your hopes up or else you may be disappointed every time.

And because probably nobody will ever get this far through this most tedious post, I just want to simply say that I love you and am so thankful for you faithful readers of my blog. You guys are awesome and put up with me way more than one ever should have to, besides my siblings who have to put up with a whole lot more. ;)


  1. I read it all the way through! And it's not tedious ;)

    1. Lol. ;) You're a very fast reader, because I just posted this like less than 5 minutes ago. ;)


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