The Ice House Adventure

I lived in Minnesota for a whole winter and didn't go ice skating once, even though it is the perfect place to go ice skating being the land of a thousand lakes. Then I come back to North Carolina and go ice skating in an ice house during the summer. That sounds kind of backwards doesn't? :)

Now ice skating is one, among a million, skills that I do not have. I simply was not born with the gift of moving on ice. So as you can imagine I move at a very slow tedious pace and even then I fall quite often. That is when I discovered that I ought to be very thankful God made me short. He certainly had a reason for it. He knew that some day I would be on ice and that the shorter I am the safer it would be.

Small children on ice can be absolutely adorable, if they know what their doing, but I must admit they freak me out at times. For, although some of them are very good at skating, they don't always look where they are going or else don't take into account that there will be adults who don't actually know how to skate. Therefore, if a young child goes skating right in front of me all I know is that if they don't cross my path by the time I get there then they might just get hit and that won't be fun for anyone involved.

As I was skating along, I paused to ask a young girl who had fallen if she was ok. Then another young girl comes along to help and comfort her friend. After comforting her friend a little, she says, "Did you fall? Yay! That is wonderful! That is one step in life! Isn't it magical!" I had to laugh. :) I loved that girls positive attitude. Her statement also had a bit of truth in it, as well. So the next time I fell I remembered what that girl had said and got back up, laughed (because I laugh almost every time I fall, because it really is funny), and kept on going.

I may be a little sore tomorrow, but I had a great time skating anyway.


  1. I love your stories! You make me laugh too! I wish I was there. I love to skate.

  2. That's probably how I would be!


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