Splinters and Knives

My little sister, Lydia, had a splinter in her toe this evening, so several of us all gathered around her ready to pull it out. My dad of course got out his knife, thinking that was clearly the best option. But I'll have you know, that she nor any of her sisters thought that was a good option. Known of us like the idea of having a knife digging into our foot, splinter or no splinter, thus, we all plead on her behalf. I stepped in and said I could pull it out with my fingers. So while I pull and push at it with my fingers, some are trying to comfort the poor girl and my dad is standing there insisting that he use his knife. In the meantime, Lydia, is making all kinds of funny noises and comments, because no matter how much pain she is in she always seems to say something funny and make us ( or at least me) laugh, even though we are trying to be all serious and be her doctor. Dad finally wins and gets to use his knife for a short time, but after a little bit of picking at it, I had decided it was loose enough to grab it with the tweezers and pull it out. I was finally triumphant and pulled the offending splinter out of her foot. While holding the splinter with the tweezers in one hand, I held and examined Lydia's toe with the other hand, but then Lydia cries out, "Don't put it back in!!!" I must admit that I had way too much fun pulling that splinter out of her foot, but I assure you that I was not planning on putting it back in. :)

If anyone has a splinter to pull, just let me know and I'll be glad to do it! :) Definitely just discovered my new favorite thing to do. :)


  1. Poor sister. haha, funny story though. I recently did the same with my little brother and I admit, it *is* more fun than it should be.

  2. Poor sister! I hate splinters!

  3. That's awesome! I recently removed a splinter from a grown woman's finger with a scalpel at the hospital. She was an employee and a bit of a baby. But she was grateful when it was over. I enjoyed it as well.

    By the way my name is Joshua Newton and I blog at truetothewordbyjosh.blogspot.com. I value readership and opinions as well so feel free to give me a visit sometime.


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