Tonight was one of those nights when... 

the dishes are piled up so high that you would think, “How in the world am I going to wash all of those dishes. I didn’t even know we could use so many dishes for one simple meal.” And you look at those dishes and finally you know that it has to be done and it can be done and it must be done. So with a grin you pull up your sleeves and you tackle those dishes with a vengeance that you didn’t know you had.

Then less then 20 minutes later the dishes are all washed and dried and put away and the sink is cleaned to a shine. Then you say, “Wow! It can be done. That didn’t take long at all and I thought I had a lot to do.” 

And you smile and dance away so you can write a blog post about it because that was your plan all along. ;)
And here is a poem I wrote about dish washing called The Dishwasher. Enjoy! ;)


  1. Beautiful job! Now if you can keep it looking that good every night it would really make me smile and dance! :)


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