The Chore That's Not a Bore

The Dishwasher

There on the counter is a line
Of dishes, grimy, greasy, and cheesy.
Seeing them all makes me queasy,
But I’ll face it and say, “That’s just fine.”

I roll up my sleeves
And straighten my shoulders
And then the frown leaves
And I turn on the waters.

I grab a greasy, cheesy dish
And into the water. Swish! Swish!
I scrub, scrub, scrubby, dub,
And rub, rub, ruby, rub.

I grab another off the stack,
As I place the clean one on the rack.
A smile I do not lack,
For washing dishes is my knack.

No matter how many I have to wash.
Like Madeline, I just say, “Pishposh!”
I sing a song as I clean a tong
Although sometimes the notes go wrong.

I kind of like washing dishes.
I like it much better than washing fishes.
Oh, don’t you wish you had my chore.
It’s always fun and never a bore.

Oh, I’m the dishwasher girl.
I scrub them in a whirl.
Oh, I’m the dishwasher girl.
I’ll dance and twirl.
Written By- Hannah


  1. That is so great, Hannah! I love the rythm and the unexpected twirl of words you use!



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