Laughter in the Kitchen (part 2)

      Thank you very much all of you who left a comment sharing one of your kitchen stories. I enjoyed them all very much and any one who didn’t have a chance to share yours, please feel free to do so on this post or on part 1. I look forward to reading them.
      Now for a couple of my stories, which I hope you will enjoy very much and get a good laugh over.

Bean Bread

      One day as I was making some bread, my mom was cleaning out our refrigerator. Then my mom came upon some bean sprouts that had been sitting in there for quite awhile. Therefore, she suggests to me that I put them in the bread. I was a good bit skeptical of that idea, thinking it would be utterly nasty, but mother assures me that people do make bread with that kind of bean sprout and that it is quite good, so in go the bean sprouts. Lets just say that those four loaves of bread lasted a very long time and when ever possible we girls would do our best to “accidentally” let the beans “fall out” of our slice of bread.

Sourdough Pancakes

      Have you ever tried sourdough pancakes? You ought to try it some time. ;) This is how it happened. We had been making sourdough bread for awhile and our starter kept adding up, so either I would just have to pour some down the drain or find something else to use the starter for. Well, then I saw a recipe for sourdough pancakes and I thought “Hey! That would be good! I like sourdough bread! I like pancakes! Therefore, sourdough pancakes ought to be double good, right?” I finally got my chance to try out these fabulous pancakes and guess what? My sisters weren’t very hungry that breakfast and those pancakes lasted for a very long time. (Sadly we don’t own any animals to throw our unwanted food to.) Finally upon my dad’s suggestion we turned the pancakes into croutons. Those lasted a long time, too, until finally they ended where they belonged all along. In the trash! But don’t tell my dad. ;)

Pizza on the Floor

      It has kind of been our tradition for quite some time now to make pizza on Saturdays. Well, one busy Saturday, I had helped make the pizza and was taking one out of the oven when…BAM!...the pizza hits this little lever thing sticking out and down goes the pizza before I could even think. I was so distraught that I stood there crying while my kind brother and mother cleaned up the huge mess of cheese and sauce that had gotten all in the oven and on the floor. I’m sure we found remains of that pizza weeks after the accident.
      That there, was probably my worst and most embarrassing accident! But you can go ahead and laugh all you want. Just remember if that was you that had happened to, you probably wouldn’t be laughing so hard.  

I have a few more stories to share, but I'll save them for next time. I hope you got a good laugh out of those stories.
Have a happy day full of sunshine, smiles, and laughter! 


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