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I hate having too much stuff. I guess I got that honest, for my mom is the same way. Sometimes I’ll just get into one of my get-rid-of moods and I’ll go through my stuff and try to get rid of as much stuff as possible, but when I get to the end, I still feel like I haven’t gotten rid of enough. Then of course I also have to start going through everyone else’s stuff too, because their stuff is the real problem any way, right. ;) Yet, at the same time of trying to get rid of unnecessary things, I also like to keep things for there sentimental value. You would be amazed at the crazy little things that I have held on to for some strange reason. Not to mention the odd collections that I have started. You know those little stick things that come with a plant that you buy from the store. It tells the name of the plant and you can poke it into the ground next to the plant so you know the name of it. Well, several years ago I got this crazy idea that I would save these stick things and make it my collectors item, so that is exactly what I did and I ended up getting quite a lot. Another thing I collected was bouncy balls. I had quite a few of those, too. Then there’s that doll that I never play with any more, but I have to save it for my someday-daughter. I’ll want to give my someday-son my Ol’ Raggedy Andy. Then all the other stuffed animals and things that I’ll want to pass on to my children, so I can’t possible get rid of it. I also have this mechanical pencil that I just have to keep. It is soooooooo precious! A while back, it was pretty much the only pen I used. I would sit at my desk working on my school and as I thought over a serious math problem, I would chew the end of that pencil. It got all nasty wet and brown inside, so now I just keep it for memories sake. I totally can’t get rid of it! So, yeah! You see, I collect strange things and I can be very sentimental. Thus what happens when I get in one of those get-rid-of moods? Actually, if I get really into it, then I’ll do one of those spur-of-the-moment do-it-quick-before-I-change-my-mind things and end up getting rid of some of those precious things. Today I threw away my plant sticks. That took a lot of courage. ;) I am also getting rid of my bouncy ball collection. ;) I got rid of a lot of other stuff too. It just feels so nice to get rid of stuff that I really don’t need (Although a lot of it was just passed on to my little sister, Lydia.). I sometimes have to remind myself that I can’t take it to heaven. Of course, that argument doesn’t always work, but it does help. ;)


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