A Cute Apron

I saw a really cute apron at a shop the other day, but the price was more then I was willing to pay for it, thus, I said to myself that I could make my own very much like it. Therefore, I did! Of course, Mine is not nearly as good as the one I had seen, but at least I did it and it does have the same basic idea as the one I had seen. Here are some pictures of the apron I made.

Every time I sew something, I am reminded of how bad of a sewer I am and how much I dislike doing it. Almost every time I sew something, by the time I finally finish the project, I say very emphatically that "I will never sew again in my life!", so yesterday when I said that, my sister, Elisabeth, laughed and said "You said that last time."  Hehe! I don't think she took me very seriously that time. 
I hope you have a happy day full of sunshine, smiles, and laughter!


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