Learn it Now!

In an earlier post I stressed the importance of men learning to cook, especially those who are not married yet. Not only is it important to learn to cook (both men and women) before you get married but it is important to learn other practical life skills as well. In Joshua Harris’s book I Kissed Dating Goodbye he says the following (on page 175) about preparing for marriage some day.

Practice practical life skills. What are practical life skills? Just ask your parents to let you take over the maintenance of your house- including shopping, planning menus, and cooking meals for a couple of month- you’ll soon find out.
While these sorts of skills aren’t glamorous, they are an important part of managing a household. We have no excuse for not preparing ourselves in this area. And the best preparation is actually doing it. A few years ago, my mom had me start doing all the grocery shopping for the family. I also had to cook one dinner each week. At first, I didn’t always cook the most appetizing meals for my family, but I got better!
Though I’ve improved my skills in the kitchen, I’m still woefully unprepared in the area of home maintenance. I’m sure you have your own weak spots too. Let’s get to work strengthening them!”

I hope you’re convinced more than ever now of the importance of men learning the skill of cooking before they’re married (if possible). (Women too! I realize that there are a lot of women these days who don’t know how to cook, or clean when they get married. Sometimes their husbands have to teach them how to cook even. Now that is just plain sad. )

Have a happy day and God bless you!
Live for Jesus! Love one another!
Laugh a lot!
Smile Big!


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