The Bracelet and The Blessing

The other day my sisters and I had gone out into a large logged area, which we call a desert. Well, as you can imagine it is quite messy, full of logs, mud, and ditches full of water, but it is fun to wander through any way. Some time after we got back home from the desert I realized that one of my bracelets was missing. It isn’t a really nice or fancy bracelet just a simple green one that came with a cd, but I loved the bracelet just the same. So I prayed that God would bless that I could find it, although it seemed very unlikely as it was probably in that deserted mess. Not only that, but a couple days passed before I was able to go back to look. Today we were finally able to go back, so of course, I had my eyes on the look out and I told everyone else to look too. After wandering through and searching and looking, I still had not found it and was giving up hope of ever seeing it again. Yet, Praise the Lord, we decided to go back to a place that we had already been that day, to show our Mom and Dad something. Low and behold, there on the ground was my bracelet. You can’t imagine how happy I was to see that bracelet. God loves His children and He loves to bless us in little ways. He blessed that I could find my bracelet that I had pretty much thought to be hopelessly lost. God hears our prayers even for the littlest things such as finding a bracelet. Although His answer or time to answer a prayer may not be the same as what we were hoping or thought, He knows what is best, so trust Him for He cares for you.

Have a happy day and God bless you!
Live for Jesus!
Love one another!
Laugh a lot!
And don't forget to smile Big!


  1. Thats so great! :)

    Praise the LORD!

  2. That is so wonderful, Hannah, and very encouraging to be reminded once again of how God cares for His children...even in the little things. What a blessing!



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