"Wait for the Lord; be strong and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord." Psalm 27:14

This was the Bible verse that I shared on my Facebook just a couple days ago. 

I had been feeling a little discouraged one morning with a couple different things on my mind I was having to wait for. I decided to look up a couple different Bible verses about waiting on the Lord and found hope, comfort, and courage in these verses.

My day then continues like the past several days. Besides a few babysitting jobs here and there or some other random event, my days were pretty slow and I was getting pretty itchy to find a job and have something to occupy my mind and time.

I spent some time at a local coffee shop, composed a poem while staring out into the streets, then prepared to head home for another long day of WAITING, so to speak.

I had applied at a few jobs already and was hoping to hear back from at least one of them, but was beginning to wonder if any of those places would actually give me a call or not. ;)

But right before leaving the local coffee shop, I glanced at my phone and saw that I had one missed phone call from an unfamiliar number. I decided to give the number a call, hoping it would be one of the place I had applied at.

No one answered, but the number calls me back within 5 minutes and sure enough it was the place I had last applied at, asking when I could come in to start working.

To say the least, I almost cried while walking home that day. I had a job!

Later that day I thought back to that verse I had posted to my Facebook wall and  was reminded of how faithful God is to his children.

Yes, sometimes he calls us to wait, in fact, often he says to us to wait, but he is always faithful.

Waiting has always been a frustrating thing for me. I am always too eager to get things done, to move on, to hurry up, but there are blessings in the waiting.



  1. Wow, thanks for reminding me of this! I've been struggling with this too over the last few weeks (different scenario, same impatience :), and this is an excellent reminder. Thank you!

    1. Glad my story could be used to encourage someone else struggling with the same thing. I hope you will find peace, encouragement, and blessings in the waiting!

  2. Yes, waiting is hard...very hard sometimes but it is worth it!


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