Her Life Matters, too.

Stare out the window
Out upon the busy street.
Cars stopping at red lights
Than slowly moving on.
Young ladies walk and chat.
Music ringing within the coffee shop.
Muffled conversation from nearby.
There's a park across the street
With laughing, running, playing children.
Lady asks for money once again.
Bikers everywhere and busses too.
These are some of the sights
That cross my eyes.
City life.
Lives that matter
Walking quietly by.
How often do I remember
That each life is uniquely created
And each is born with a soul like me?
God created that beggar woman
Just as much as he created me.
Why should my life be
More important than hers?
Its not.
God created her
And God created me.
God cares about her
So I should care about her, too.
But I turn and avert my gaze
And try to ignore her pleading eyes.
Every soul that walks the street.
God created each.
So why do I pass them
As if they don't exist.
Blood was shed for me
Precious blood spilt upon the cross.
Pain, agony, rejection.
Redemption cost.
The greatest story ever told.
The perfect gift, amazing grace.
Why hide this glorious truth
From these lost and lonely souls?
Wandering the busy streets
Or staring out the window.
Trying to figure out my purpose in life.
There's a purpose right in front of me
Because lost souls stand
A couple steps away.
So, Father, please break my heart
For all these broken souls.
Cause my heart to weep
For every lonely heart.
This city is full of darkness,
But I walk in light.
I've become blinded
To the darkened streets.
My hearts gone cold and stony still
To the hurting souls all around.
There is little passion
Within my soul
For the broken souls
 out in the world.
Revive me, God, I pray.
Start a burning flame within my heart.
Rekindle love within
So I can love again.
Make my heart
To beat with love
So I can love like you.


  1. Love it! At this rate, I'll have to change my opinion on poetry! :)

    1. Thanks! Haha! Well, I am glad my poetry is making you rethink your opinion. ;)

  2. Such a good reminder. God puts people in our path so we can give to them the gifts He has given us to give. Love, kindness, a smile,grace, mercy,food, the Gospel. Lord give us a heart of love and compassion for the lost.


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