Livin' Life with a Thankful Heart

On some days it is easy to remember how blessed one is and on other days it is hard. Today is one of those days that is easy, but sometimes I don't feel like being thankful for anything at all. Sometimes all I do is grumble and complain and whine and annoy all the people around me. But even on the worst days, there are still many things to be thankful for. The problem with me is that I often close my eyes and refuse to open them so I can see all God's blessings and gifts in life. I want to learn to be just as thankful on the hard days as on the good days.
Today I see so many things to be thankful for and I wanted to share a few.

1. I have a wonderful church that has many opportunities to serve God's people.
2. I am attending an amazing school that is really hard, but that pushes me closer to God in it all and where I learn so much.
3. I get the pleasure of volunteering for my school's bookstore and I love it.
4. As of yesterday, I am now volunteering in the kitchen at my church and work with some awesome chefs. Those who know me know that I have a terrifying love for working in the kitchen.
5. Today I learned that I will begin next month to volunteer in the nursery with the infants, which I am super thrilled about. I love babies!!! So as you can imagine I am super happy about being able to hold a baby for like two hours! ;)
6. I got a card in the mail today from a very sweet and encouraging friend, which literally made my day ten times better and I didn't even know that my day could get any better.
7. I had the joy of baking with my roommate. We were both just itching to bake, but we also had the dilemma of no sugar in the house. Yet that was not going to stop us! No sir! Instead we used what we could find in our cabinets and made some rather delicious food. But the best part was the laughter and stories, friendship and fun that we had together while baking up a storm.

So tomorrow I might feel like being in a bad mood. I might feel like being grumpy and complaining and being mad and ugly and mean and unthankful. But this here post is livin' proof that I have no right to, because I am blessed beyond measure.  



  1. Thanks for the reminder to always be thankful!

  2. Wow You are very busy! Thanks for the encouraging words and reminder to all of us that we have so much to be thankful for. "Forget not all of your benefits" I love the picture! It is beautiful. Did you take it?

    1. Yes, I did take the picture, but that was last year. ;)

  3. Hello Hannah. Though one month of 2014 is passed but still I would like to wich you a very bright, spiritfilled,blessed and Christ centered New year. I am so blessed to know you throug your profile on the blogger and it ws so encouraging to go through your blog post. The title of your blog The King's daughter" speaks of who you are and the post " Liven life with a Thankful Heart" also is a reminder to each believer to be thankful. Thank you for your encouraging words. Well looking your love for the Lord I do feel like sharing with you an opportunity to come to Mumbai,India on a short / long missions trip to work with us in the slums of Mumbai among poorest of poor to share the good news of Jesus and give them new hope, future, purpose and life. I am in the Pastoral ministry for last 34yrs in the great city of Mumbai a city with great contrast where richest of rich and the poorest of poor live. We reachout to the poorest of poor with the love of christ to bring healing to the broken hearted. We also encourage young people like you as well as adults from the west to come on a short / long term missions trip to work with us. We would love to have you come to Mumbai with your friends to work with us during your summer vacation. I am sure you will have a life changing experience. My email id is " dhwankhede(at)gmail(dot)com and my name is Diwakar Wankhede. I would love to hear from you very soon.


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