It's Not Always Safe

Taking a family photo, as most families have experienced, can be a bit challenging. Families will often run into the difficulty of getting even just one picture where everyone in the family looks nice and is smiling. The problem is only made ten times worse when you are one of a large family such as mine. 

Well, not only is it difficult for my family to all look nice and smile in the family photo, but it is also difficult to find just the perfect place to take the picture and when that perfect place is found, I can't say that it is always safe, as is the case for this year's photo. I can't say who came up with this brilliant idea, but someone in my family thought it would be a great idea ( I am guessing it was one of my brothers) to take a family (minus my dad who took the picture) photo in a dead tree. So not only are we supposed to smile, but we are suppose to be smiling while standing in a dead tree that could break any moment with all the extra weight. But the problem gets worse. Right next to me stands one of my brothers who cannot stand still and insists on making the dead tree bounce and doing all kinds of crazy stuff on this tree. 

Here we all are in the dead tree, trying to smile while our life is in peril.

one, two, three, Jump!!!! 
We all managed to come through that photo shoot alive,although, I must admit, one of my sisters did get slightly injured when I landed on her foot from jumping out of the tree. ;)


  1. Maybe not always safe and sometimes a little frustrating trying to get everyone to smile and not make funny faces, but always fun! Glad we all survived this year's family photo!

  2. Haha! Somehow in our picture Sam always is out from the rest of us by a couple in. !


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