Imagination, Dolls, Cherry Pits, and Pudding! Oh my!

So think about me is that I have a very vivid imagination and if I am left to myself than that already very vivid imagination becomes even more vivid in an attempt to entertain myself. I'll give you a few examples for your enjoyment.

When I was a little girl I had a great dislike for baby dolls. One of the reasons for this dislike was that baby dolls are soooooooooo cold. In fact, I sometimes tried to put my doll up to the fire place in the winter in hopes that it would warm up and be cozy. But, no, it still remained as cold as death. Therefore, I have thought of a solution. One should make a business of selling dolls that have rice, corn kernels, or cherry pits in them, so it can be heated up in the microwave and then become nice and cozy warm.

And while I am on the topic of warmth. I thought of a great idea for a warm and very cozy blanket for all my friends of Minnesota. A blanket could made full of, once again, our beloved cherry pits, corn kernels, or rice and then just heat up the blanket before going to bed, throw that over you and you'll be toasty warm through the whole night. ;)

It doesn't take me long to be stuck in the middle of an adventure. One night I was driving home from work and decided that the truck behind me was actually following me. Therefore, I picked up some speed and began zipping around curvy North Carolina country roads in hopes of losing this truck that seemed to be hot on my trail. Thankfully all the police understood my plight and refrained from stopping me. To my great relief, I was finally able to lose him and made it safely home.

My cooking and baking doesn't go without imagination either. I have decided there are two ingredients that can go in practically everything. Peanut butter and cinnamon. Peanut butter is really good on cauliflower, and cinnamon always enhances the flavor of all breads and can even add enrichment to soup. But my latest experiment I can't say was my favorite, although it certainly is not the worst, because I think my sourdough pancakes is by far the worst. Late last night, being in a mood to do some cooking, I decided to make chocolate pudding with eggnog, heavy whipping cream, and, you guessed it, cinnamon. I have decided not to repeat this combination, in spite of the fact that one of my roommates did tell me it was good.

Well, before the chairs start Marching around the table, I am going to bring this post to an end. Because I have another post to write. It is sometimes hard to keep up with one's brain.



  1. I never knew the reason you didn't like dolls but I love your solution and I think you should make those cozy corn filled dolls!


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