Because there is Joy in Pain

I see you in my mind,
As I stare at the walls,
Its been eight years.
How I have grown.
Tears still come.
My life will never be the same.
There's always gonna be pain.
Life goes on.

I laugh and smile,
Because there is joy in tears.
You'll always be missed,
But in my heart you're still very near.

As I stare at the walls,
Its been eight years.
For eight short years,
You've been dancing before his throne.
You worship at his footstool.
Eight amazing years,
And yet its the blink of an eye.

Some day I'm coming.
I'll join you around his throne.
We'll dance and will worship,
Christ on his throne.
He chose us to be his,
So we can worship him forever
at his throne.

Some day we'll join hands,
And worship at his throne.

I'm here,
I keep pushing on.
For the prize.
For the goal.

You're home,
At his throne.
And completely whole,
And healed.
You've reached the goal,
You've got the prize.

God had a plan for your life on this earth.
It was sixteen years of service to him.
You brought joy to many hearts.
And touched many souls.
You suffered much,
But your story goes on.
It never dies.
Because the story of God's grace
goes on.

God has a plan for my life on this earth.
So far I have been here for twenty years.
The story is not finished as far as I see,
But God knows the plans that he has for me.
Life gets hard,
As you knew very well.
But because of God's grace,
I will carry on until
 I join you at home.


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