The Streets of the Forest

Tramping through the woods on a blistery cold morning,
gently sweeping her feet through the leaves,
smiling into the glorious sunshine,
Laughing with the wind.

Standing by the creek,
Watching as it giggles and gurgles past,
She dips her foot into the chilling water,
And makes a rippley splash.

Sunshine on her cheeks,
Wind in her hair,
A glow on her face,
As she smiles into the wintery air.

Crunchy leaves beneath her feet,
Pale blue sky above,
Surrounded by an army of hickory and oak,
walking through the streets of the forest.




  1. Beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks, Maggie! Happy thanksgiving to you!

  2. This is a beautiful poem. Keep writing for the Lord. Your writing is a blessing.

  3. That's me!
    Eliza Ann

  4. Actually, just today I went to get the mail barefoot in the rain. Then I saw that the ditch was flowing really good so I got in, but I noticed that it needed cleaning so while I did that, the Bs turkeys woggled at me. It was a lot of fun. (I love those turkeys!)
    Eliza Ann (again)


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