The Idols of a Christian Girl

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit a Hindu temple with my class. It brought things into reality for me. I knew people worshiped inanimate idols and gods, for I had seen it in movies, read about it in books, and looked at pictures of people bowing down and worshiping these things. But to actually go to a temple and listen to someone talk about these gods that he is thoroughly devoted to and watching people bow down and give donations to these objects made things so much more real to me. It seems foolishness to me! Why would someone want to devote their life to this wooden image that a man created; an object that can't move, can't think, can't even breath, yet so many people are willing to worship and live their whole life in devotion to these gods. It is sad and heart breaking, yet there is something that is almost sadder.

As I was pondering how anyone could find satisfaction and true happiness in worshiping these wooden objects made by the hands of men, something struck me! I do the very same thing! I have idols that I worship too and yes I bow down to them. Maybe I don't bow down physically, and maybe I don't put my idol in a special place and perform special rituals for that idol, but nonetheless, I do have idols of my own. I profess to worship the one true God and I tell others about this God who is so powerful and the only one who can bring true joy and happiness to ones life, but at the same time I play the hypocrite. My idols may be different from that of Hindus, but they are still idols in my life. I go to food to comfort me, to satisfy me, and to fill me up, yet when has food ever truly satisfied my every longing or brought true comfort to my soul? Never! Only Christ and his blood can satisfy me truly (John 6:35, 54-58). I often go to technology for happiness, and yet how reliable is that? Not reliable at all, for they often break and fail to do what it is suppose to do. God will never fail me. He never grows weary (Psalm 121:3-4)! He never falls apart. "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." Hebrews 13:8. I run to people for love, yet has my family and friends ever been completely true to me and never let me down? Have they always loved me with a perfect love? No, never! Only God can do that! Only God can give perfect love without ever failing or letting me down (Psalm 136:1, Romans 8:37-39), yet so often I run to people instead.

If I truly loved Christ above all else, why would it be upsetting to me that my power cord for my computer break and that I would have no computer for a time? If I profess to worship the one true God, then I need not worry about not having a computer, for that is not what I am to rely on in life. Or why would I get panicked over losing an earring twice? A tiny little object, and yet as soon as I lose it I go into panic mode. God is so much bigger, and better, and more beautiful than a silly little earring.

As I think on all these things that my heart so quickly gravitates to, I realize my idols are no better than the idols of a Hindu. My idols are just as useless and worthless, as a Hindu's gods are. I believe in the one true God, I profess to worship him alone, and I say that there is only one God and that is the God of the Bible who is Creator of heaven and earth, yet I fail to worship him alone. I fail to depend on him alone for all my needs and desires. I fail time and time again to trust him completely for all my needs.

I cannot judge a Hindu or condemn them for what they do, when, what I am doing is just as foolish and sinful, yet I claim to know the truth (Matthew 7:1-5). Yes, it still breaks my heart  to see these people worship inanimate objects that will never do a think for them. I want to go and tell them about the one true God who can bring true satisfaction to them. Nevertheless, I am broken inside to see my own heart falling after things, other than the one true and living God. How can I be a witness to the peoples of the nations and share with them the gospel of Jesus Christ, as I, calling myself a Christian, live for things that are just as useless as their own gods?


  1. Great Post, Hannah!!! Miss you!

    1. Thanks Maggie! I miss you, too! Not too much longer before I will be back for a little while! Can't wait to see you and everyone else! ;) Love ya!

    2. Can't wait to see you either! Love you!

  2. Me too! Looking so forward to seeing you! I miss you and love you. Thanks for the encouraging post!


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