The Last Page

What do I write on the last page of my journal? 
I feel like it should be something extra unique or memorable. 
Maybe I should have some extraordinary quote written in beautiful calligraphy. 
Maybe I should write out my favorite verse.

Ir seems that there should be something special about that last page. 
I think there is! 
Yet, why is it special? 
How do I make it special? 
What should be written there? 

My thought upon reaching the last page of a journal is usually the sense of urgency that it is time to buy a new one.
I have put it off to the very last moment and can put it off no longer.

Another journal has come to its end!
Another tale has been spun!
Another story has just begun!

~From Hannah's Heart~


  1. I love how you wrote the last three lines! I enjoyed seeing you at church!

  2. Thanks Maggie!
    It was lovely to see you and your family, as well!
    Love you,


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