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Rain, Rain, Rain!

Rain, rain rain!
That's all the weather has been doing the past couple days! Dreary rainy days can often mean dreary grumpy people! But guess what? I ain't goin' to be one of them peoples! No sirree, Bob! No sirree, Bob! I have purposed in my heart that I will live for Jesus in rain or shine by God's grace! Therefore, if it is a rainy day then that means that I must be a spot of sunshine in the rain. ;) So how have I been able to remain cheery in these rainy days. Well, lets take a peek and see.

Tuesday I went bowling with most of my family. I do not have any skill in that game, whatsoever, but I was able to enjoy myself quite well and it was a good activity to play since we had to be inside. Not to mention the fun and laughter we had together and a wonderful memory we made that day. That day will be remembered as a fun day with my family rather than a gloomy rainy day.

Yesterday while at work (a little restaurant) I tried to make sure that every customer that came in received at least one bright smile that day, even though it was a dreary rainy day! What is a day without a smile? I hope you made someones day yesterday, too, by passing on a smile!

Today I have managed, thus far, to keep a cheery disposition by studying hard, drinking hot tea (I won't mention what we put IN our tea to give us such a cheery heart [mischievous grin implied]), watching Mr. Popper's Penguins, laughing hysterically, being crazy, taking a walk in the rain (Who says you can't play in the rain?) with my 8 year old sister while we tried to solve a quandary, and writing letters to friends.

So what do you do in rainy weather? Do you find yourself getting gloomy when the weather seems gloomy? let us not be gloomy glum weather, but rather a spot of joy and sunshine to others! We should live for Jesus no matter what happens! God made the rain and he made us, so lets dance in the rain for God's glory!

Have a happy day, my friends!


  1. And now it's snow!

    Ooops, I didn't even read the post. All I saw was rain, rain, rain.... And then I was like, "Snow, Snow, Snow!"

  2. Thanks for being a bit of sunshine in my life! I love you so much! Now you need to be sunshine in the snow! Yes! So much snow that it is actually sticking!

  3. That is a great reminder! Hey and then after all the rain we got some snow!


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