Onions, Lasagna, and Orange Bread

The dinner I made turned out phenomenal! I made lasagna... without using a recipe. (who uses recipes any more, anyway? Isn't that kind of old-fashioned? ) As I cut up some onions with tears streaming down my face, I wondered how in the world the chef at the restaurant I work at can possibly cut so many onions and never get a tear in his eyes. ;) He actually told me the trick how to do it, but I personally don't think it works, at least not for me. ;)
The bread I decided on was orange Bread. Yes, I did use a recipe for it. It turned out very delicious, but extremely sweet. 

What did you have for dinner today? Did you make it or help make it?


  1. Hey Hannah, Our friend allays tells us to put the onion on your head when it hurts you eyes! I have never done it and do not plan on doing it! We had chicken primavera, it was good. Mom made it.

  2. Hmm..well I just now saw this but on Monday I was at school having crummy cafeteria food..I wish I could have had your lasagna and orange bread instead haha..love you friend :)


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