Cakes and Questions!

Dear Friends around the world,
How are you doing this fine day? I, for one, am doing very well! ;)
I haven't much to tell you, but I am working on a more lengthy post. (whether or not I post it is yet to be seen.) Today I made a Strawberry cake which I am hoping will be very good. It sure did look good! ;)  I have good hopes for the cake as it seemed to turn out very moist and fluffy and that is how I like a cake. Unfortunately, I won't be here when the cake is cut into because I will be at work. I made the cake for my family and the guests that we are having tonight for dinner. Nevertheless, it might be a good thing  that I will not be here because, if for some reason it does not turn out well, then I won't be around for any comments people might make about it. ;) Or if it falls apart while being cut, I won't be around to mourn the destruction of my beautiful formation. Enough said about cake. ;)

Questions for you now?
What would you like me to write about? Is there anything you're interested in knowing my opinion about? Anything about me that you are just itching to know? If you have any questions for me, then just leave a comment and ask away. I would love to hear any questions you might have! Don't count on me answering your questions though! Hehe! ;) Just kidding! If you ask a question I will try to answer it, whether I do it in a whole post in itself or just reply to your comment.


  1. Post about what you guys are up to!
    P.S. I love your new background!


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