100 Days of Thanksgiving (Day 88)

So thankful for my dear friend, Susanna, whose birthday it is this day!
She has been my friend since the day I was born basically. 
I have been so blessed by her friendship.
She is a truly beautiful woman of God inside and out!
She brings so much joy and happiness to all she is around!

Happy Birthday, Susanna!


  1. awwww! I just saw this and can't help but laugh at the picture of us as wee litle lasses and smile as I think about how thankful I also am to have such a dear friend such as yourself (and the other Leake ladies and gents of course). We certainly have a lot of catching up to do upon my return, I can't wait to see your beautiful smile once again!

    1. Hehe! Yes, that picture is absolutely adorable. We were laughing about how fat and chubby I was. I look like a beach ball. ;)
      Yes, we will have much catching up to do, indeed! I can't wait to see you and your lovely smile again, too.
      I love you! ♥

    2. Happy Birthday Susanna! I miss seeing you!


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