My Big Brothers

Well, I said that I would write about my brothers sometime so now I have to. For starters; brothers are the most annoying thing ever invented. They are always annoying their little sisters and they’ll do anything to make their little sisters cry. They’re always teasing and aggravating us girls. They never did learn to sit still and they are always picking up and playing with anything that is in their reach. And if their sisters are cooking something (especially something sweet), then guess what, they come in to get lots of licks, but they don’t even help clean up. They drive me nuts! I think they’re nuts themselves.

Ok, I’m just kidding about all of that (uh, sort of :) ). The truth is, I love my big brothers no matter how many times they tease or annoy me (and trust me with four older brothers I got a lot of that when I was younger). Now I said I was just kidding about the above, but actually in some ways I wasn’t. Because you see they really did enjoy teasing and aggravating us girls, but as I got older I learned to enjoy their teasing so it ended up being just as fun for me as for them. Also my brothers (and some more then others) did have a hard time sitting in one place for a long period of time and they did have a tendency to play with anything in their reach, but most of the time that didn’t (and doesn’t) bother me (except when they pick up something of mine and then absentmindedly put it in a totally different place so I can’t find it or when they end up breaking something of mine). And of course they did enjoy licking while we (or they) cooked things and they didn’t usually offer to help clean up either. Of course, they said they were helping by trying the batter or what ever it was, to make sure it wasn’t “poisonous”, not only that, but we girls enjoy doing that, too, so we can’t get too mad at them for that, can we. And, yes, I can’t deny that they have driven me crazy at times, but that would have been my own problem not theirs. And, no, I do not think they are nuts, they are actually all geniuses.

Now that my brothers have all gone off to college (except one who is in heaven) I have learned to love and appreciate my brothers even more. It is always exciting to hear from one of our brothers and even more exciting if they are coming home to visit. Now that is when there is jubilee in our house! We also love to hear all their adventurous stories. The only problem is they don’t tell us the most exciting half of the story, which is the part we would most like to here. Yet my oldest brother, while talking to my mom, gave this reason for not telling, “You are best off not knowing all the details of your crazy three son's lives lest you worry way too much and get no rest”. So you see they are being very loving in making sure they don’t scare their mother too badly. To all the moms that may be reading this, you can be thankful that your sons don’t tell you the worst (and you can be certain they don’t) of their college-life-adventures.

So the end of the story is; big brothers are absolutely amazing (and I would say little brothers, too, but the only problem is I don’t have any little brothers, although, you can be sure that my sisters and I would love to have one).

Have a happy day and God bless you!  :)
Live for Jesus.
Love one another.
Laugh a lot.
Smile big!  :)


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