☺ Do it all for Jesus With a Smile ☺

Do All to the Glory of God

As you wipe the toilet seat
As you drink or as you eat
Or scrub the children’s dirty feet
Do all to the glory of God

As you scrub the kitchen floor
Or vacuum the carpet more and more
Or repair that squeaky door
Do all to the glory of God

As you talk to your dear friend
Or an eloquent letter you send
Or the pants, you try to mend
Do all to the glory of God

As you cook the midday meal
A bunch o’ taters you got to peel
Or for bed time prayer you kneel
Do all to the glory of God

As you comfort a crying baby
Or help a sweet older lady
Or fall and scrape your knee
Do all to the glory of God

As you study your Grammar
To be an expert diagrammer
Though these things lack glamour
Do all to the glory of God

Written by- Hannah
March 23, 2011

Special Thanks to my Dad who critiqued my poem and gave me good suggestions for improving it. Also to my Mom who unknowingly inspired me to write it.

Have a happy day and God bless you!
Live for Jesus!
Love one another!
Laugh a lot!
Smile big!
And don’t forget, Jesus loves you!

☺ ☺ I am absolutely delighted with these smilie faces. ☺☺


  1. Beautiful Hannah, very well done. A very good chellneging reminder for all of us.


  2. Thank you, Meggie! I often forget to do everything for God's glory. Writing things like this help me to remember.
    God bless!



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