The Awful Waffles That Weren’t so Awful After All

Today we got to make waffles for the first time and my, what an experience that was.
Here is the story as it unfolds. The batter is made, however, it seems rather lumpy and thick, yet some are saying that is how it is suppose to be. So we pour some batter into the waffle maker and after much difficulty spreading it around (Mistake number one) we closed the lid. Oh, dear it is steaming. What do we do? I think we better check it. Up goes the lid. Mistake number two. Woops! It isn’t done and now it is on the top and bottom. So we close the lid and find out how long it is suppose to take. When we finally think it is done we open it up again, but it is no simple task to get both sides clear of waffles. Bit by bit we get it off, yet it can barely land on the waffle plate before someone has seized it to eat. Yummmmy! Although this first batch may look and sound like a catastrophe it really actually turned out quite tasty and now for the next batch. We have all ready added some milk and stirred it better to make it more like waffle batter, and now for trying it out. Aww! It turned out much better, but still stuck a little bit. Then mom comes along to do a batch. She sprays on plenty of grease and pours on the batter. It seems to be a lot, but there isn’t much we can do about that. A little while later as it is cooking we noticed that the lid had risen a little. Woops! Maybe it was too much batter, but no it turned out perfect. We then decided that if the lid rose a little then that would be ok. We didn’t have any more mishaps, but definitely learned a thing or two about making waffles.

For any first-time-waffle-makers out there, here are a couple tips.
1. Make sure the batter isn’t too lumpy or thick. It needs to be able to pour on to the pan easily.
2. Don’t open the lid until it is done. We had to cook ours for about 9 minutes, but yours might say other wise. Another way to know if it is done is if there isn’t so much steam coming up.

Here are some pictures.

A picture of the pan after the first batch. This is after we got most of it off, so just imagine the whole pan, both sides, looking like this. :)

Some of the first batch after getting it off the pan.

And the other side

Aww! perfect! With homemade blueberry topping!

And some more perfect ones! :)


  1. oooh, yummy! That looks delicious, I think I might be drooling! :D


  2. It was yummy, indeed!
    Blessings to you, Meggie.



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