And Oh, How He Loves Me so!

Not sure where to begin,

A story too big for me to tell the whole,

Full of mystery, but a song of grace.

I was pondering today,

Of where I am and where I was.


I remembered days of old.

Those hard days.

Days of confusion,

Of pain, of loneliness.

Scary days, new adventures,

Failing grades, failing at life,

Those high school days.

Yet in it all,

God’s grace.

God’s grace held me up,

Though life was hard,

He gave me friends,

And laughter,

Smiles and kind customers.

And when the right time came

He directed me to the next stage of life.


I welcomed the new season

With fear and trembling.

College life began.

Hoping it would only last for two years.

Eager to move back to the south,

Get married and have kids was my dream.

Eager to leave the cold winters

And depressing falls,

And papers and books behind.

But instead more confusion,

More fear.

My ideas were not his.

He told me stay and so I did.

Two years past and the third one started.

I hadn’t intended to be here that long,

But he intended from before time began.

Along the way, there was pain,

There were tears and fears.

Oh, how much I wanted to run away.

But in it all,

God’s grace

Held me fast.

He gave me friends,

New and old,

Some brought laughter,

And others held me up in prayer.

He strengthened me in the night

When the tears would not cease to flow,

He told me this story was not over yet,

Still more pain and still more to grow,

Yet he didn’t ever fail me.

Oh, how he loves me so.

But now I come to the story of now.

Life is still filled with,

Heart-ache and pain.

Going on 4 years of college life,
And still a 5th  year yet to go.

And there are still plenty of hard things to face.

Fears of what I will do in the end,

Confusion about the future,

Hopes and dreams,

But sometimes the dreams

Seemed to be smashed against the rocks.

I can’t understand.

I get tired of waiting,

And tired of hoping

because sometimes it seems so futile.

What am I hoping for, I ask?

Sometimes I don’t even know.

But in it all,

God’s grace still stands.

He still leads me down his path, his perfect will.

Oh, how he loves me so.

I cannot understand the ways of the Lord,

But he has never failed me yet,

And I know he never will.


I have learned and I am still learning,

That despite what path

This life will take me down,

No matter how great the pain,

Or hard the road,

I know that Christ is my guide

And he will lead me safely home,

And oh, how he loves me so.

This I know,

And his grace still stands.


I can’t imagine the part of this story

That is yet to be told. I can’t imagine

The things God has in store for me,

But I know that whatever it may be,

It will be for my good and for his glory

And that he does all things well,

And that his grace is sufficient
And oh, how he loves me so.

And so I rejoice in the steadfast

Love of the Lord.


  1. Thanks for the encouragement, Hannah.

    1. You're welcome! I am glad it was encouraging. Thank you for always faithfully reading my stuff (when its not too long. ;))
      Love you, Eliza Ann! :)


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