The First Snow

Note:  I asked a friend what I should blog about and she said write a poem about the first snow. So here it is!

It's always the first snow of the year

That we remember the best.

And all the details that surround

That day are imbedded in one’s mind.


For me too, I remember.

It was a busy day and began with rain

And shopping and then to the kitchen

To bake and cook.


It’s comforting to be in a kitchen

With a warm stove by your side

And a friend, and communion,

And the Christmas tunes sung aloud.


And as we stay warm indoors

And enjoy the art of creating good food,

We watch the swirl of white outdoors,

Dancing snowflakes sinking to the earth.


It calls to us to come and play,

To dance and sing with careless joy.

The heavens shake lose this cold wet white dust

And blanket the earth.


It’s a marvel! Every flake different

If you get up close,

Yet all the same from a distance.

How it flutters in the wind.


It makes no sound,

But just comes down.

That white fluff

Of cold white snow.


And this was the first,

Quiet Herold

That proclaims
Winter has come.


  1. And we still have some leaves on the trees, although I will have to say it has been pretty cold! I like the poem! It's very descriptive and cozy.;)

  2. I love this poem. It makes me long for snow! I love the first snow, but around here we get very excited for every time it snows!

  3. Nice poem. Yay, that winter has come! I love the feel in the poem of winter, Christmas, and baking.

  4. I love the picture and the poem!!!


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