The Country, a Taste of Heaven

I am a country girl through and through
But I live in a loud bustling city.
Sometimes I feel out of place
Because my heart always longs for the country again.
For the mountains and hills and fields,
For green grass beneath my bare feet
and a tramp through the woods,
For long meandering country roads,
And barns and old houses that tell stories,
And creeks and rivers, and lakes or ponds,
For cattle and farms and horses and chickens, too.
All these things my heart longs to see again.
So sometimes when I can't stand the city no more
I just up and run away, I run away with a friend
To her Wisconsin home where beauty is just outside the door.
You look out the back door and all you see
Is land and sky and birds flying high
And the heavens declaring the glories of God
And the earth showing forth his handy work
And I smile because I am mostly home in this place.
Its not the same as my southern home,
But its close enough and beautiful enough
And all I asked is to be out of the city
Where peace is real and life grows calm.
All I need is a few days to breath fresh air
But I'll be back in the city before long
Back to the hustle and bustle
Back to the clanging and banging.
But my heart won't forget what its like over here
And it will always turn back and look and smile
While still pushing forward and laughing nonetheless.
While I am a country girl entrapped in the city
I smile and remember the tastes of heaven I get.
And though its only a taste while on this side of eternity,
I smile and rejoice because I know
That some day it will be mine to enjoy forever.
And all tears will be wiped away
And my hope will turn to sight
And I'll never have to long for the country again
Because then I will live in a world perfected by Christ
And only his children will reside in this renewed place
And no more sin will taint and destroy
But perfect peace will fill our hearts as we rejoice
And worship at the throne of his grace
And live in a world with Christ on the throne
And he alone shall reign.



  1. I have the perfect solution. Come home for the summer.

  2. Sometimes I long to escape to the city...which I did the other day. <3

  3. I can't wait to get to the "Evergreen Wood!"
    Eliza Ann


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