Always Running Away

He says give me your heart,
But I run away
Only to come back
The very next day
With a broken heart.
In despair,
I kneel before the throne of grace
And say
“My heart Lord, do I give.”
But the battle is not over yet.
Arrogant and proud,
I run once more.
I can take care of myself;
I will do things my own way;
I can do it alone,
And so I push him away
And I run yet again.
A broken and a contrite heart
He won’t despise.
So when all else fails,
As it always will,
I return to the throne of Love
And cry.
With tears of grief and sorrow
I look into his loving eyes.
God of mercy,
God of Love,
Hear my cry today,
Calm my anxious heart,
Give me your peace like a river,
Give me your fullness of joy,
And God above,
Give me your love,
That the Love in you,
Would be the Love living in me.
And so another day comes,
But forgetting yesterday,
And the stubborn girl I am,
What did I do?
I ran away again,
I ran from his love,
Seeking for another love that wasn’t to be had.
I ran and I ran,
But I stumbled and I fell,
And hurt and broken once more,
And crying on the dirty floor,
I thought I had lost all.
But through my tear-filled eyes,
I saw his scar-pierced feet
And looking up,
I saw his loving eyes,
And I cried
As he picked me up
With his nail-pierced hands
And held me close
And whispered in my ear
“I love you, Hannah Grace.
Please don’t run again.
Your heart can only be safe with me.
Life hurts, it is true,
But don’t run from my love,
Because my love
 Is what will get you through
When life hurts the most.
Please trust me this time.
If I can calm the stormy sea,
And make blind eyes to see
And heal the leprous man
And make the dead have life again,
Then can I not also care for you?!
If I care for and clothe the lilies of the field
And watch the sparrows in the air
And give them their food too,
Then how much more do I care for you,
My very own daughter,
Who I gave my life for.
Trust me, Hannah!
I really truly love you.”


  1. And I love you too! One line in your poem is something I say often to my heart when I am anxious. I say over and over, "Calm my anxious heart Lord, Calm my anxious heart" And the peace of God come in like a flood! Thanks for sharing. It is so encouraging!

  2. Wow, Hannah! That was a great poem, and it's so good to know that it's true that God loves us so much.
    Eliza Ann


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