Life Moved on Without You

Joining in with Five Minute Friday and the word today is Reflect.

It seems life has moved on without you
Yet somehow you are still there,
A flash of you comes drifting through the air.
From day to day I smile as I remember
Once again your jokes, smile, and laughter.
I flip through the pictures on my phone,
Ten years ago, oh, how time has flown.
My hero, my brother, my friend,
Reflecting –allowing the heart to mend.
I don’t cry too much anymore,
But I always remember those days before.
But life moved on and I have grown,
And while I live in a world unknown,
You live in the past where life is a memory
And your story becomes a part of history.
But I do smile when I remember.
Its been ten years on the seventeenth of December


  1. It is so hard to believe it has been ten years. Such a short life with such a great impact on mine. I miss you Micah.

  2. This is a beautiful poem, Hannah. <3

    Haven't read too many blog lately, but I wanted to come back over to yours. :)

    1. Awe! Thanks, Amy! I know. I haven't read much or even written much lately either. But your comment reminded me that I should keep up my blog. ;)
      Thanks for deciding to stop by my blog again. ;)


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