A Beautiful Mess

Sometimes it’s the shy girl
Who stands out in the crowd.
Sometimes it’s the quiet one
Who makes the biggest difference.

So it was with this girl
Although she did not know.
She was quiet, reserved,
And alone, but smiled.

She was kind and gentle,
A friend to every soul she’d meet.
Yet little did she know
Just how much they noticed.

They would hang on every word
She ever spoke.
They would remember her smile
From years long ago.

They thought she was an angel,
While she thought they did not care.
So while she cried alone at night,
Her smile was bringing comfort to another.

She saw her life as a mess,
But others saw the beauty.
She thought they wouldn’t notice,
But they did.

Just because you’re quiet
Doesn’t mean that people don’t care.
Just because you’re shy
Doesn’t mean they won’t notice.

You don’t need to be loud
For others to see beauty.
You don’t need to shout
For others to hear truth.

It only takes a smile,
It only takes a gentle word.
It only takes a heart of love
For others to notice you are different.

You might see the ugly,
You might feel the pain,
But it never hurts to
Dance in the rain.

Every life has a story,
Every life has its pain,
But every life is beautiful,
No matter how much it rains.

Every story has its mess,
Every story has its pain,
But every life is beautiful,
 A beautiful mess.


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