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Life is a Gift

I am sitting here at my kitchen table with the sunshine streaming through the window and surrounded by some of my favorite things. For the past couple hours I have been writing to friends from far away, friends who I have neglected, I must confess. School should not be an excuse for forsaking and neglecting good friends, so, my dear friends, I must apologize for neglecting you for so long. I am much grateful for lovely fall breaks that provide a time for recovering and an opportunity to remember once again my awesome friends and write numerous letters to dear ones around the world. So with colorful pens and paper I begin to write, a candle flickering and my tea cup of coffee (yes, I drink coffee from a tea cup and this is NOT the oddest thing I do.) within reach. I feel that the only thing I am missing is Peter Rabbit sitting on the table to cause a little mischief ( Beatrix Potter reference) and a quill pen with a bottle of ink to dip it in, but I will simply have to imagine these things for they are not at my easy access.
Letter writing often becomes a time of reflection upon the last few months of my life or the season of life I am in right now. It reminds of the things I have learned, of the things I have survived, of the things I love, of the beauty in life, of the adventures I have had, of the pains and agonies of life, and yet of God's persistent grace, faithfulness, and steadfast love. Writing letters reminds me that life is a gift and life is beautiful even when it hurts.
Sipping coffee in a tea cup is a gift. Reading a Bible in my own language for myself is a gift. Walking to school on a crisp fall morning is a gift. Laughing with roommates or classmates who I love is a gift. Talking to my sisters on the phone is a gift. Listening to Sunny Days by Jars of Clay is a gift. ;) Watching the leaves dance to the ground and blanket the cold earth with its colorful patterns is a gift. Baking delicious fall treats for friends is a gift. Being in a godly, Christian, faith-building school is a gift. A hug from a friend on a hard day is a gift. Having friends and professors who don't let me give up in life is a gift. Life is a beautiful gift.


  1. What a blessing it is to have a quiet time of reflection to me reminded of all God's benefits. Be still and know that I am God. In the business of life we sometimes forget how we need to sit still and listen to the still small voice of God and to be thankful for all His gifts. You, my darling daughter, are a gift to me!

  2. Hannah has a "gift" of word crafting.


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