The Fight Within

She looked at it
It looked so sweet and good
It called her name.
"Just one bite,
Just one bite," it said.
It can't hurt...
Or maybe it can.
That is where the fight began.
Every fleshly desire
Says take and enjoy.
It will be good it says.
"If it didn't hurt him,
It can't hurt you."
But deep inside.
She hears her Savior say.
"Look at me!
All you need is me!"
He says.
It maybe sweet.
It may be good.
But in the end
It burns, it kills.
Don't partake of sin,
He says.
"I love you more than that."
He says.
"Take joy in me,
And let that be.
Sin's joy is but a moment,
But joy in me is for forever."
She stood still,
And looked into his eyes.
And then glanced down
At the sweet sugary sin.
He was right.
It wasn't worth it.
Not even a taste.
She looked back again
At her Savior dear
And held his hand.
There'll be more fights,
But only in him is true joy found.
He took her hand
And led her on
To greater joys
Than that sweet-lookin' sin.


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