So here are some questions for the bloggers out there and those who read blogs.

When you read other peoples blogs do you like to read long posts or short posts?
Are you more likely to read a blog if it has pictures for the posts?
Do you like to comment on peoples blogs? (If you don’t then I probably won’t ever find out because you probably won’t comment on this post.☺)
Do you think I should post more pictures on my blog?
What do you think I should blog about?


  1. 1. Short but long enough to convey an interesting point.

    2. Yes!

    3. Yes, only if they are easy to respond to like this one or exceptionally intriguing or something I too am writing about.

    4. Not necessarily

    5. Whatever you are passionate about. If your not passionate about what you write it will come out as dry boring writing. If you are, even people who aren't so passionate can catch your drift and enjoy the read :)

  2. Thanks Jesse, for the feedback!

  3. 1: Medium

    2: yes

    3: not realy

    4: yes

    5: whatever

    1. Thanks, Maggie, for commenting and answering the questions, even though you don't really like to comment. ;)


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