Little Time to Write, Before I take Flight

Dear readers out there who read my blog,
I’m sure you’ve missed my random thoughts.
But my excuse is good. You see, I have to jog,
Or do my school work, which there is lots.

I have daily chores to do and places to go
And life gets busy and starts to fly,
(As you very well may already know)
And before you know it, a month goes by.

Posting on my silly blog gets quite forgotten
In all the whirl of these busy days.
And I forget all the thoughts I had thoughten,
When I get lost in this crazy maze.

But when life calms down for just a moment,
I remember to take time to write,
Maybe I’ll write a letter or encouragement,
Cheering others on, in what is right.

But off I must go once again.
When you see me next I do not know?
And that is all I plan on sayin’.


  1. *claps* We live more than we blog.



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