A letter to Micah

 Dear Micah,

Today marks 6 years since you went home to be with Jesus. I miss you lots. I miss hearing you say “Chimpanzees on the roof!” or “No sirry, Bob! No sirry, Bob!”. I miss hearing you sing and play your guitar. I miss the silly songs you would make up about someone who walked into your room. I miss competing with you on who had better handwriting (You know I won on that one, right?) I miss the competitions to see who can do the most lessons of Math in one day. I miss your laughter and smile. I miss your jokes and humor that made me laugh so often. I miss the funny stories you would post on Xanga. I miss seeing you wear that “Stinky hat”. And, yes, we all remember how much you loved Peanut butter, right? Haha! ;) Or how much you detested mint ice cream, or mint cake or mint brownies or even mint pancakes? ;) haha! Oh, yes, and beavers gnaw on trees, right? ;)
There is so much that I miss and will keep on missing until the day I see you again. But I know, however much I miss you, I’ll never wish you back down on this earth, where there is so much pain and sorrow, sin, tears, sadness, and suffering.
I know you are praising Jesus right now. I can just imagine you sitting at Jesus feet, with a guitar more beautiful then could be imagined on this earth, praising Him with songs of love to your Savior.
I rejoice with you, Micah, to know that you are safely home. Some day I will come and join you there. I’ll be able to sing with you, too, and no one will be able to laugh at my voice not even you! ;)

I love you, Micah!

                                       Your Waiting Sister,

Note: Just in case you didn't figure it out already, Micah did not like peanut butter, but loved mint.


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