Let Them See Jesus!

What’s the first thing you want a man to think of when he sees you? The way you dress tells a whole lot about the answer to that question. If we as Christian women dress to try to get guys attention then we will get that attention. They might be thinking really nice or flattering remarks about you. They might even tell you some. Yet are these thoughts the first that we want guys to think of when they see us. What about the nonbelievers who would be thinking all kinds of lustful thoughts about you? Do we really care so much about the attention from guys that we would give away our purity? Personally I don’t. If we are godly Christian girls then that is not what we should want guys to think of us. Would we not much rather men see Christ in us instead of being distracted with the way we are dressed.
When a godly man looks at me I do not want his first thoughts of me to be lustful. Neither do I want his first thoughts of me to be flattery. I would much rather him see Jesus in me. I want him to be pointed to Christ when he sees me, and not to myself. I want him to see the joy of the Lord written all over my face, not a mask of makeup that the real me hides behind (not that I am against girls wearing any makeup). I want him to see a servant’s heart, not one who is always thinking about self. I want him to be able to look at my face without being distracted by how I am dressed.
In conclusion what would you rather have, a man lust after you, or see Christ in you; A man flatter you or be pointed to Christ through you? I want men to see Christ in me. The way that we, Christian women, dress tells a lot about what our Christian brothers in Christ will think of us. So let us be careful to clothe ourselves in purity.


  1. Good on you Hannah! I think the descion is easy, though in actually doing it is hard. I have make-up, and I only use it every now and again, and only very lightly. But seeing in there in my bathroom sometimes I would like to wear it everyday if that would make me feel beautiful and looked at.
    Thats when we have to turn our eyes upon Jesus.


  2. Thanks for sharing Meggie! You are so right. It's easier said then done!
    God bless!



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