The Micah Series (part 3)

The Character of a Gentleman

Although Micah was by no means a perfect man, he did have some wonderful character traits.
I will start with humor. Micah had an amazing sense of humor. Micah could make things that for most people would seem boring or painful into an enjoyable and even amusing scenario. If someone was gloomy or having a bad day he always knew how to cheer them up even if he wasn’t feeling well himself. He was great at telling jokes. When everyone else was roaring with laughter he would just keep a genuinely serious face, yet you could tell that his joke got the effect that he was looking for.
He loved to serve God and others. He was always looking for ways to serve and be a blessing. At one point when he was sick, he wasn’t allowed to do certain jobs, so instead he would just go find something else that he could do even if no one had asked him to do it. He would often go out of his way to help someone.
He loved to worship God. One of his most favorite things to do was play his guitar and sing. He wrote several songs in his life time and he was an excellent guitar player.
He hardly ever complained. He was just a cheerful and thankful brother full of the joy of the Lord.
He loved God more then anything else. Especially near the end of his life all he really wanted to do was read his Bible and pray. When God called him home he was ready and eager to go.
Today, December 22, 2010, Micah would be turning 21 and Lydia turned 6. Happy birthday Micah and Lydia!

Here are some pictures of Micah and Lydia. You can tell by some of the funny faces Micah made that he had a good sense of humor.


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