Cookie Baking

Hello! So today (or yesterday) we were baking cookies and having a fun time of it, too.
We have a tendency of burning our cookies; it is kind of a natural occurrence in our house. ( Although we have made them before without burning them.) The story goes that, my uncle visits his grandmother. While visiting her, she makes some cookies and he watches her take the first batch out of the oven, then he says to her, “You’re suppose to throw away the first batch”. His Grandmother then asks him why. He response saying, “My Mom always does”. You see his Mom always burnt the first batch and that is why she always threw it away. Hehehehehehe…

So here is some of our cooking episode.
Elisabeth says, “So, how do you know when the cookies are done?”
Hannah replies, “Well, usually if they are kind of brown then that means that they are done or you can wait till they are black or charcoal looking and that means that they are done, too. It really depends on what texture you want it. Another good sign that they are done is if you start smelling a fire or something that is burning. That helps a lot, too. “
(I don’t think the above was really word for word, and I probably added some stuff, too. lol)

A little while later…

Bethany decides to make a pledge, because she doesn’t want to eat any more cookie dough or cookie. The pledge is as follows with maybe a little of my own words added:
“I pledge that I will not eat any more until lunch unless otherwise stated”.

So I hope you have enjoyed reading about some of our amusing accounts. God Bless You!
“Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!” Philippians 4:4


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