High Heeled Shoes? Not an Option!

Did you ever stop to think about what you are doing to your feet when you wear high-heeled shoes? Did you realize that high-heeled shoes can cause a lot of problems to your feet? Well they can and now let me tell you why.
First of all they cause your foot to be forced into an unnatural position. It causes your toes to be crammed either by forcing them together from the sides or forcing them in. Having your toes forced into these positions can cause problems such as bunions, hammer toes, neuromas etc. All these problems and more are generally pretty painful and permanent unless you have surgery on them. Wearing high heels also causes the Achilles tendon to shorten which can cause problems when you wear flat shoes.
Wearing high-heels not only causes problems with your feet, but also with your lower back. It forces your back into a position that can crush your vertebrae.
Wearing high heels puts you in much more danger. You cannot balance your self as well; therefore, you are more liable to falling and twisting your ankle if not breaking it. Another factor is that you cannot walk as quickly, thus if you were in an emergency situation your ability to move quickly would be hindered. Consequently high heels are not very safe.
Not only are high heeled shoes harmful for your feet and not safe, but also most of them not very comfortable. So why wear high heeled shoes? If your only reason is because they are fashionable then I say that is not a good reason. If all of that does not convince you to stop wearing high heels then I will ask another question. Do you desire to take care of the body God has given you? Not wearing high heeled shoes or wearing them as little as possible helps your feet to be healthier, thus keeping them in better condition.


  1. Dear Hannah
    Very true!High heeled shoes are very bad.Very,very bad!Wew!


  2. Very good post! Wait I should read it first:)Now I have read it. Pretty good=:) Well I was going to write this loooooong comment but can think of no more to say besides what i'm saying in this long "I have no more to say" goodbye. So...so long, farewell, it's time to say goodbye. Goodbye!
    'Cilla Joy


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